Those familiar with Brubaker end mills know just how important quality is to the 116-year-old cutting tool manufacturer. After all, this is a company whose products are so well-respected that it is authorized to ship both taps and end mills directly into McDonnell Douglas Corporation's inventory. Brubaker has one of the industry's model quality assurance programs, one that has been recognized by companies like Ford, Caterpillar and GE. Each has presented the supplier with quality awards or special status.

Brubaker has implemented many internal programs to assure high quality. For instance, the firm's Statistical Process Control Program is well under way. SPC takes time to install company-wide, but its results are already evident. Not only has our SPC won us recognition from customers and distributors, but it has allowed us to improve production and on-time delivery while reducing our error rates significantly.

Brubaker made its mark in the industry with its end mills. At one time, taps were a minor part of our product line. Today, we produce large volumes of high-quality taps and end mills, and provide them at competitive prices.

Brubaker has increased production capacity for taps by expanding plant facilities and adding state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, the company currently offers one of the world's largest selection of taps, with choice of styles that includes standard machine screw taps, hand taps, and spiral-pointed taps; as well as metric sizes and various surface finish treatments. The line also includes forming taps, STI taps, oversized taps, high-performance taps and special taps for tough tapping applications. In addition, Brubaker is a major supplier of special production taps for the automotive, pipe fitting, valve and appliance industries. Making things easier for distributors is also a matter of policy at Brubaker. In addition to superior-quality products, distributors benefit from extensive sales support, technical assistance, large inventories at local warehouses, prompt deliveries and a competitive pricing structure.